Thursday, June 30, 2011

Squam Lake, New Hampshire {Summer Travels}

After hiking up and down the trail around Cow Cave and Beede Falls in New Hampshire, the boys wanted to have a "real swim," so we made our way over to Squam Lake.  In case you hadn't heard, this is where they filmed On Golden Pond (one of my personal favs).

Great buddies.

The lake.

Fun accomplished.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How cute! {Customer Pix}

Cathy from Virginia is making a different kind of party {in a box} with our printables to share some summer fun with other offices. Check it out!

How cute!

Jungle printables are available in our shop in two color schemes.  For more pictures, see here for bold colors or here for pastels!

Clickable Party

Trip to Sandwich - Cow Cave and Beede Falls {Summer Travels}

The area around Sandwich, NH is absolutely gorgeous. There is so much to do, especially if you're an outdoorsy-type.  Lots of hiking trails and lakes to boat, swim and jet-ski, fish and the like. The boys and I took a drive over to Beede Falls and Cow Cave on Sunday, which is a perfect little hike to the falls and a very rewarding view!  You can continue along the trail for a longer hike, and just enjoy all the sights and sounds.

The trail.
 The boys in front of Cow Cave.

We continued to hike along the trail, stopped for a short picnic lunch, and went up to see more of the amazing views that seemed to get more beautiful with each step.


The falls at the bottom (Cow Cave)

A real "shower."

Some beaver had been very busy trying to dam this up!

More tomorrow on our trip to Squam Lake!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fourth of July Wreath {Tutorial}

For those of you itching for something cute and fun for the fourth, here is an adorable and unique wreath.

A detailed "how to" is available on Busy Lizzy's blog.  I'm wondering if you could do something similar with crepe paper? This is gorgeous and would last for years!

Our printables for the 4th are still only $10!  Check them out!


Froth and Fodder *Success* {Real Party}

 Saturday, we brought some printables up to the North Sandwich Store in New Hampshire for their first ever Froth and Fodder event featuring some great microbreweries and local fare.

 The North Sandwich Store has daily specials and a fresh deli that makes your sandwich to order.  They carry local eggs and convenience items, which is great because the next nearest store is a scenic drive away!

My oldest with the handouts.

The store, located at 2 Maple Ridge Road in North Sandwich, carries the 1 pint beer bottles (perfect for sharing...or not!) from both White Birch brewery located in Hookset, NH and Squam Lake brewery located in Holderness, NH.  Both brewers brought a range of product with them *delicious!*.

Try the No Wake Wheat is perfect for summer drinking.

The Belgian Style Pale Ale was fantastic.

Also there with wares was Janey's Beef Jerky and the Sandwich Creamery. Janey made a very special jerky (available for purchase in the North Sandwich Store) infused with White Birch's Hookset Ale.  The Terriaki Jerky is also AMAZING!  Sorry Slim Jim - you can't hold a candle to Janey!

Janey and her delicious jerky!

Sandwich Creamery also made a beer soaked cheese (pungent, and delicious) that would be fantastic on bruschetta with caramelized onions.  The creamery also carries a wide variety of cheeses and ice cream that is available in several stores in the local area.  
Sandwich Creamery variety of hard and soft cheeses.

Bob's Baguettes (603-286-6444) are also regularly available at the store as well as several local farmer's markets.  Truthfully, there is nothing like fresh bread!

Here's a closeup of some of the printables.



The event was really successful!  Lots of people showed up for the tasting, and it was enjoyed by everyone!

More on our New Hampshire trip later this week.

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