Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ready for the 4th?

Every year, we go up to my Aunt Marion's for the 4th of July north of Portland, Maine, and this year is no exception! I always look forward to seeing my family and relaxing near the lake - especially since the kids have gotten older and don't need *as much* intervention as they once did. We cook. We eat. We ride on the boat and watch the fireworks. It is a splendid way to spend a vacation!

Here's some pix from last year!

On our way up!

One of the dogs

Luke in one of our reunion t-shirts, "Anne's Clans"

The Gang!

The lake!

All of us!

Here's some of the printables we're using for my uncle's birthday this year - red, white and blue for the holiday, and Maine/Florida because of his split residency!

Themes soon to be available in our store.

And don't forget to check out our Fourth of July printables on sale for a limited time for only $10.00! That's 50% off!


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  1. I wish it was tomorrow! Looking forward to the festivities.