Thursday, August 26, 2010

Make a tiered bowl {Dollar Store Craft!}

Check out this adorable tiered bowl made from Dollar Store items for less than $5! I found his on the Dollar Store Crafts site - one of my new favorite haunts! Enjoy! -


Barbara from Craftsty made this amazing display bowl to show off her adorable mushrooms.

Project Estimate:

  • 3 bowls, $3
  • 2 candlesticks, $2
  • Strong glue (E6000 on hand)

Total Cost: $5

This is a great idea for the holidays! Simple holiday decorating! Or use it for your next craft show display.

Barbara: I made a 3 tier bowl set from items from my local dollar store! The total cost was $5.00 and some strong glue because mine were made out of glass. I bought 3 bowls and 2 candle sticks. Set one bowl upside down and glue a candle stick in the middle and repeated again then place the last bowl uptop the candle stick. Let it dry and flip over now you have a 3 tier bowl set. They can be used for centerpieces with fruit or candies but I use mine in my craftroom.

Thanks for sharing your dollar store genius with us, Barbara!

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