Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blog Series! Thursday = Bloggy Clips

We're starting a new blog series!

Monday's blog has stuff that's free
Tuesday's blog has a recipe
Wednesday's blog has party tips
Thursday's blog has bloggy clips
Friday's blog features someone new
That's all the blogs - the week is through.

So, today being Thursday, I am featuring our first Bloggy Clips! Our fist one is from our friends at Abigail's Bake Shop! They are our FAVORITE and make the most DELICIOUS STUFF EVER!

We love this time of year at Abigail's Bake Shop! Our Halloween Cookie Gift Box will be shipped on Monday, October 25th. Like every year, we can only take a certain amount of orders, so be sure to place your order as soon as possible before we fill up. What does it include?

:9 Letter Cookies (spelling out Halloween)
:2 Bat Cookies
:2 Ghost Cookies
:2 Black Cat Cookies
:5 Mini Polka Dot Cookies

Each cookie is baked with the finest ingredients and decorated with royal icing, fondant, and sanding sugar - they are perfect for your Halloween party, to give out to trick-or-treaters, or as a gift (gift tags are complimentary).

Click HERE to order!

In keeping with the fall theme, our next bloggy clip is from Lizard and Ladybug! This is a great craft idea for your Halloween party!

Another Simple Halloween Idea (favors)

I have more than a few milk jugs from various places. I've been able to recycle a few of them and turn them into some cute Halloween decorations. See here and here.

Here's another idea that I think is really cute (and easy and cheap). Bubbles.
My kids love bubbles. We go through lots (more than normal, I think). WalMart has their summer stuff on clearance. I picked up 2 big bottles the other day for .75 each.
I have a few milk jugs that are clear & I thought it would be cute to use them as bubble bottles. I needed a wand - pipe cleaners! I had a stash of black ones.

While it was drying, I taped a strip of scrapbook paper around the bottle.
I shaped my pipe cleaner and filled the bottle with the bubble solution.
*I know there are tons of homemade bubble solutions..but I chose to take the lazy road.

Use a ribbon to tie on the wand and.....

I spray painted the lid.

These are so easy (the longest part was waiting for the lid to dry) and so versatile.
You can use any size bottle.
If I were making these as party favors, I would use a smaller bottle
- more bubble for you buck.
You can use any paper/ribbon/label/tags.
It really is a great little favor that isn't too expensive.
And if you're real crafty..
you can shape your bubble wands into fun shapes
(I've mastered round and heart).

Hope you're enjoying getting ready for some spooky days ahead! Visit back tomorrow for Feature Friday!

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  1. Thanks so much for including my bubbles!!!
    Abigail's cookies look amazing!!

  2. You're welcome! You do great work!