Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting ready for fall {Back to School and Halloween Freebie}

Happy Monday! I'm a day late and a dollar short today :( but I'm trying to get back in the groooove!  Blame it on the rain!

Here is a clip of a fantastic touching article about "Back to School" from Mamasource:
When I was working at the children’s museum I had a very wise early childhood mentor that talked about the invisible leash with toddlers. She explained that toddlers have an invisible leash to their mothers and if you just let them go they will suddenly stop when they’ve reached the end of the leash and turn around to look for you. As they grow they let out more and more line and make it further and further before they turn around. It was one of the best pieces of parenting advice anyone ever gave me. It allowed me to let my girls go, to have some freedom and to know that they would still be looking for me. I can’t tell you how many times I watched as they took off with abandon only to suddenly stop turn their heads and and scan for their mama’s face. Our eyes connected they would smile and turn to run some more. 
I could think that with the closing of the bus and school door that the invisible leash from child to Mama is broken, but, I know that what’s invisible is also magical. The length of the leash may now be measured in miles instead of feet and she may have to wait until she gets off the bus for our eyes to connect but I know our bond is still as strong as it was when she was taking her first steps.
For the rest of the article click here.

Also, I am working on reviving and expanding a freebie from last fall.  We are expanding this design into a full printable party, including write-in invitation, Happy Halloween banner, banquet table tags, cupcake wrappers, cupcake toppers/party circles, favor tags, favor box, water bottle wrappers, bookmarks, Happy Halloween mini cards, full pattern page.  Watch for it at the Catch My Party Blog.

Mini Cards

If you missed it, check out our free back to school printable!

Clickable Party

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