Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Penny Smashers {Geeky Fun}

We do a good amount of traveling with the kids, whether it's a day-trip or some short overnights, and my boys always want to take something to remember it by.  This can get a bit pricey for two kids over time. Solution?  A Smashed Penny collection!

You can find Penny Smashers in just about every tourist attraction (including rest areas).  For between 51 cents and a $1.01 you have an instant souvenir.

The Philadelphia Visitor's Center

We have also found these great Penny Passport books to keep all their pennies safe and sound.

I suppose that as the designs retire, they may have a few collectors items on their hands, but really it's just for the fun of having a collection, and an easy and inexpensive souvenir.

And of course, you can find the Penny Smasher Waymarking Group is actively indexing the locations of these machines, if you want to find a penny smasher, log your visit or index one yourself!


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