Friday, October 1, 2010

The Hussy

My darling bff, Elaine, is publishing her first book. It's called, The Hussy. She honored me by asking if I would design the book cover.

Fer realz!

And it's ready to order on Createspace - soon to be on Amazon - and here is the description:

Authored by Elaine Watkins

For 27 years, Julia Pettigrew avoided being a hussy. It is an unusal mandate but since her maternal grandmother was a hussy of some repute, the taint was always hanging overhead. That and the fact that her grandfather (who was once wedded to the hussy) was a minister of some repute made the mandate a matter of pride. Under the vigilant eye of her family, Julia had managed to stay well (her friend Corene would say too well) within the bounds of respectability, that is, until a scorching hot dog day in July; when a red dress, a lottery ticket and a barely black man put all her efforts in jeopardy.

This book is laugh-out-loud funny. You should order it TODAY!

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