Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday's Blog Has Party Tips 10.6.10 {}

I'm writing you from a very cold and rainy Massachusetts. It has been like this for days - first just dreary and misty - now it's full-blown rain. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a garage to clean out. Hopefully, this post will bring you a little sunshine!

Do you know about

It is a fun way to get free stuff and have a party at the same time! We've had two house parties (initiated by my DH), one for Windows 7 and the other for the PS3.

In the Windows 7 party, we got a copy of Windows 7, banners, guides to windows 7 coupons for upgrading. Lots of cool stuff.

For the PS3 party, we got a copy of EyePet, a copy of Start the Party, two motion controllers two games, camera, coloring books & crayons, soda can handles - all kinds of things.

But if your family is not into video games, that's ok - they have parties sponsored by Kraft, Gerber, Land O Lakes/Folgers - lots of different companies.

It is definitely worth checking out!

Stay tuned for a very special blog post! We're going to start showing my fellow bloggers some love with an award that is truly "genius".


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